Presale/Release Date announced for The Old Firm Casuals / NOi!SE & Gestalts wax

Presale for both the The Old Firm Casuals new 7" and the Noi!se / The Gestalts split 7" start Dec. 1st! Release date slated for the 16th! Countdown timer at There will be multiple limited color variations available and all preorders will be emailed a link to their download version of the records on release date!

Posted on November 29th, 2011
OTB4, OTB7 and OTB9 2nd additions have arrived!

Stamford Bridge / Bastards Choir 7"  2nd edition, 550 pressed.

Perkele 'Punk Rock Army' 2nd edition,  482 pressed.

Old Firm Casuals 'Old Firm Casuals' 2nd edition, 1100 pressed.


All 3 have new color jackets, all new color vinyl and all include an INSTANT digital download of the entire record when purchased at Oi! the Boat!!

Posted on November 21st, 2011
NEW OLD FIRM CASUALS, NOi!SE and GESTALTS vinyl presale announcement coming SOON!!!

Brand new 7" from THE OLD FIRM CASUALS and split 7" from NOi!se and The Gestalts coming out in December.  Presale will be announced soon!  2nd editions of Perkele 'Punk Rock Army', Stamford Bridge/Bastards Choir split and TOFC's debut 7" will be in in time for the preorder too- order together and save on shipping!

Army of One

Posted on November 15th, 2011