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NEW OLD FIRM CASUALS, NOi!SE and GESTALTS vinyl presale announcement coming SOON!!!

Brand new 7" from THE OLD FIRM CASUALS and split 7" from NOi!se and The Gestalts coming out in December.  Presale will be announced soon!  2nd editions of Perkele 'Punk Rock Army', Stamford Bridge/Bastards Choir split and TOFC's debut 7" will be in in time for the preorder too- order together and save on shipping!

Army of One

Posted on November 15th, 2011
New OLD vinyl

We just landed some new old vinyl.... the 1997 7" from Main Street Saints JOHNNY BOMB were located in germany and shipped to us to put in the store.  Also landed a few copies of the 1998 WRETCHED ONES Live PICTURE DISC from KNOCK OUT Records, a couple Brassknuckle Boys/ Riotgun Splits from 2002, a few 7 year old GUV'NORS "YOB POP" EPs and more.  Most are in the shop now or are in the process of being added.

Posted on November 3rd, 2011
Perkele, Stamford Bridge and Bastards Choir Rereleases coming soon!

2nd editions of Perkele 'Punk Rock Army' 7" and the Stamford Bridge / Bastards Choir split 7" will be in in the coming weeks.  Updated art, new color vinyl, etc.  For all of you who missed these the first time around and have been asking- your chance is nearly here!

Posted on October 26th, 2011