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The Gonads "Glorious Bastards" Singles Collection CD CR049

Fronted by the man who coined the term "Oi!" (Garry Bushell, duh) The Gonads have been at it for over four decades and this CD captures the best of their career. Get it you bastard!

1 Oily Rag
2 Tommo
3 Noise Bastards
4 Dance, Fat Boy, Dance
5 Billy McFadzean (The Somme)
6 Spring-Heel'd Jack
7 Badly Done
8 John King Is A Veggie
9 Hammer Of Thor
10 Tesco Lorry
11 Mistress Material
12 Re-Infected
13 Buy Me A Drink You Bastards
14 Is This Beer Off Or What?
15 Fat Cat Splat
16 Th Devils Own Daughter
17 That's Oi
18 Charlton Boys