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Oi! the Boat Records is

an independent record label located in Indiana.  We are also an online store that sells our own releases and some stuff that we like from other record labels around the world.  We've been putting out music, mainly on vinyl, since around 2007.  We like Oi!, Punk, Street punk, Streetpunk, Street Rock n Roll... basically any form of punk called oi or any sort of rock and roll performed by streets.  

Here's some Q and A to enlighten:

Q:  I'm in a band that plays a type of music that Oi! the Boat probably likes and we aren't in to extremist politics and we don't have a bunch of songs dealing with the internet and internet bickering-  how do I get you a demo?

A: Well, that might be right up our alley.  We'd highly prefer that you send us a physical cd, vinyl or whatnot along with a bit of a bio about the band to our real life mailbox.  If that just isn't in the cards for you, please email us your digital version of your demo and bio at

mail to:

Oi! the Boat Records


PO Box 115

Lafayette, IN 47902



Q:  I have a podcast or radio show and would like to play some Oi! the Boat Releases.  How do I do that?

A:  You have blanket permission to play any Oi! the Boat release on your podcast or radio show.  You can download a couple dozen tracks for free in our store by 'buying' our free Oi! the Sampler releases.  Please shoot us an email letting us know you are playing our stuff.. or hit us on facebook.  We'll let people know you've added us to your playlist.  If you shoot us an email, we'll try to get you added to our radio contact list and we'll get you new tracks to play as we release new stuff... often before it's released to the public!!

Q:  I want to order something but don't have a paypal account.  How do I do that?

A:  You can use a credit/debit card during checkout.  Look for the "Buy as a guest" link in the window that pops up during checkout.  You'll find it by the little pictures of the credit card logos.

Q:  Why do you need my email?  Who are you going to sell it to?

A:  We need your email during checkout so we can contact you if there's a problem with your order.  If your purchase contains a download (even if it is a free download) the link for that download goes to your email.  We will never sell or give your email address to anyone.  I bet we'd get 1 cent per email address.... so we'd be able to buy a cup of coffee every couple of months.  We value your privacy more than a cup of coffee.  

Q:  I live in XXXXX town in XXXX country, do you ship to me.  

A:  Yes

Q:  Why aren't Oi! the Boat's releases available in my local store?

A:  Ask them!  Oi! the Boat's releases are self-distributed.  Have them contact us at

Q:  I run a record store, distro, label, merch table, flea market, etc... can I buy wholesale from Oi! the Boat:

A:  A-yup.  Email us at

Q:   I preordered a record 3 weeks ago and haven't received it.  What the hell man?

A:   It is a preorder.  PRE meaning that your are reserving the record and that we will ship it after the record release date.   Please take a closer look at the item description.

Q:  I ordered something from you 6 days ago and am still looking at an empty mailbox.  Where's my stuff?

A:  We ship all orders via the United States Postal Service.  After you place your order, there is processing and shipping time ranging from 1 to 10 days.  It is usually closer to the shorter end of that, but Oi! the Boat remains to be operated by 2 guys with full time jobs outside the label and occasional help from a guy with 2 full time jobs outside the label.  After we get it packed and put in the mailbox we nearly always send you an email with the shipment number.  If you are receiving your package in the USA, this shipment number gives some basic tracking info and confirms delivery.  If you are receiving your package outside the USA, the number tells us that it made it to the hand off to your own country's postal system.  We aren't responsible for the package after it enters the postal system, and we are super not responsible once it leaves the US postal system.  Any customs fees are your responsibility too.  We ship using the best method possibly for the price you pay for shipping... sometimes that is priority, sometimes that is media mail.  Priority mail transit time averages 2-5 days to the US and 7-12 days to Europe.  Media mail averages a week or two and very occasionally longer.  If it seems like the package is taking too long, email us at and we'll investigate and provide you shipment numbers to help with any delay or claim that you might pursue on your end.

Q:  I want a refund.

A:  Generally, all sales are final.  Contact us at for further discussion.