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THE NEW YORK HOUNDS (formerly Royal Hounds NYC) "God Bless The Royal Hounds" 12" 2ND PRESS! OTB#62

UPDATE: 2nd Press incoming.

Proudly presenting "God Bless the Royal Hounds". The debut release from The New York Hounds (offers that classic Oi! Oi! sound with a romantic, dualing guitar and bass attack that you won't be able to shake once it's in your head. We are all wine drunk lovers now!

Heading Out
Baby I Hope They Remember Me
I Live For This
Just A Dog Thing
I Just Wanna Live This Way
Love Lost Night
Wine Drunk Lover

Pressing Information

First Press:
34 test press copies. screen printed fold-over covers. hand numbered. 22 sold at May 18, 2019 Last Rights show in Boston.
330 Black Vinyl- Americas (OTB)
220 White Vinyl- Europe (Contra)

2nd Press:
250 Copies on Black Vinyl- OTB Only


  1. Heading Out
  2. Baby I Hope They Remember Me
  3. I Live For This
  4. Just A Dog Thing
  5. I Just Wanna Live This Way
  6. Love Lost Night
  7. Wine Drunk Lover
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