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The BOILS "Pride and Persecution" LP

I love the BOILS. They're a band that never put out a bad release and never relented in their unique musical attack. From the outset, "Pride and Persecution" is a downhill streetpunk deluge that almost sounds like it's about to come unhinged in just the perfect way. The sound is as grating as it is harmonious. Punk, hardcore, Oi! --- this is crossover in full effect! A must own!

A1 For Me And You 0:34
A2 On My Own 0:58
A3 Face The Rage 2:43
A4 New Majority 3:31
A5 One More Face In The Crowd 2:28
A6 The Kill 0:33
A7 Rackham's Execution 0:40
A8 The Dead Skin 2:08
A9 Stalag Days 1:40
B1 Every Word 0:36
B2 Another Tragic Story 2:24
B3 Eyes Hit The Floor 2:18
B4 Degradation 2:30
B5 War Stories 3:08
B6 Hourglass 1:09
B7 The Crunch 0:37
B8 Anthems 1:56

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