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Gestalts CD + digital download GestaltsCD

9 tracks from the midwest's GESTALTS.

CD in sleeve made for the Gestalts trip out to the FYWROK fest s'14. 9 total tracks taken from EP and comp recording sessions and compiled here in one retro 'cd' to play in your pontiac grand am, disc man, or more likely, tour van.

"Run Away" and "Desperate Means" - Previously unreleased.

All other tracks appeared previously on one or more of the following:
-Gestalts/Noi!se split 7" EP, Oi! the Boat Records
-Gestalts- Bloodshot Eyes 7" EP, Randale Records
-Oi! this is Streetpunk: Vol 4 - Pirates Press Records
-United We Stand: the Frontlines of American Streetpunk - Durty Mick Records

CD includes a digital download of the entire album, instantly available after check out.

Download available in MP3, FLAC, etc

Pressing Information

100 pressed.


  1. Reckless Cheat
  2. Self Mutilation
  3. Vinyl Solution
  4. Borderline
  5. Desperate Means
  6. Made to Pay -feat Matt Henson
  7. Bitter Kill
  8. Run Away
  9. Bloodshot Eyes
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