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Donate to the Oi! the Boat Beer Fund BEER for OTB!

You know, we get thirsty around here. Long nights of packing records in a dingy poorly lit room. 2 things help make it fun. The first is that we love putting out punk and oi records. We love that we still are doing this all diy and are getting to discover and help new bands.

The second thing that really helps us in our pursuit: Beer. We like to buy it at the store. We like to brew it. We like within arms reach when packing records. Rather than inflate our prices to cover our beer expense, we decided to give you a way to buy us a beer!

You can donate to our beer fund right here! We will love you for it!

disclaimer: you are not purchasing anything. you are merely donating money that we will subsequently drop in to our envelope that is labelled 'beer fund'. you are awesome.

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