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Brick Assassin

Chicago hardcore Oi! featuring a huge sound with live show to match.

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Cold Feelings

Cold Feelings are the newest addition to the US Streetpunk landscape. Featuring members of Whiskey Rebels, Monster Squad, and Build Us Airplanes-- they're sound is dynamic and spans the punk rock landscape in a direction from whence many have ventured, but few have returned.

"American Industry" is a concept record if economic decay, outsourcing, unemployment, and the crushing weight of unattainable goals are concepts to you--- otherwise this is just the sound of reality.

(All photos by Allison Smith with Anchored In Photography)

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Duffy's Cut

The cock of the walk from Philadelphia. If you've got a bit of soul in your step and deliver a beating to a beat, then this is the band for out.

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Hooligan are back with their brand new “Criminal Damage” ep on Oi! The Boat Records. From the opening guitar salvo of the title track, it builds on the sound that had listeners hooked on the “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs” 7″ EP. Frontman David Linehan’s songwriting is as strong as anyone today, achieving a classic punk rock feel with the effortlessness that you would expect from someone that was a part of the scene through the tumult of the UK in the 80’s. The record also features guest appearances from Tony Van Frater (Cockney Rejects) on guitar and bass, with Decca Wade and Nicky Buck (original and latter day Angelic Upstarts) splitting drum duties. Produced by Mond Cowie (Angelic Upstarts) and Decca Wade. These 4 songs are built on a solid framework of punk rock longevity and to quote Mr. Linehan, “The result sounds class.” Yes it does!
The live line-up is: David Linehan (Guitar, Vocals), Adrian Csapo (Bass), Jean Philipe Morer (Drums).

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Oxley's Midnight Runners

Oi! the Boat's resident supergroup featuring Mike from the Fatskins, Dave and Jeff from 90 Proof and Lars from the Old Firm Casuals/Rancid- these guys offer brilliantly understated American Oi! that will command center stage on your turntable's rotation.

Big Beats. Timeless Sounds!

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The Gestalts

Currently: Toothless/Ruthless.

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The Old Firm Casuals

The Old Firm Casuals are a 3 piece American street punk band from the San Francisco bay area. They feature some tenured members of the punk rock community who need no introduction. Their songs are hard-hitting, straight up, and stand against any street punk and Oi! thats come out this century.

Upcoming Shows:

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Unit Six

These dudes are one of the hardest working young bands around. Serious drive for days--the can't be faked kinda commitment with some catchy tunes to boot! Versatile street punk.
Los is a sex machine.

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Featuring former and current members of the Subversives, Eightysixed, The Virgin whores and Pist & Broke. Victory delivers straight up American Oi! like a steel toe to the face. Victory’s hard edged sound is fueled by lyrics based on the experiences of afghan war veteran and front man Dan and the bands struggles with being working class in a crumbling economy.

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Whiskey Rebels

The Whiskey Rebels were around for 10 tumultuous years, from Y2K to whatever momentous events 2009 held. It's street punk with pinches of Oi! in places- but mainly it is better than whatever you are listening to right now.
What more can you say about a band who's music speaks so well for itself? Buy it, ya puts!

Four of the members have since gone on to form COLD FEELINGS. In Chuck's own words, "the first 8 songs we had for this were going to be the next Whiskey Rebels record."

((see "Cold Feelings" on the Oi! the Boat Bands page

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