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Those Uknown "Scraps" CD

The second full length from Those Unknown out on TKO Records. This album features some of the bands most classic anthems such as "In No Time Nor Place" and "The Four of Us"
This is music to scream into the night with your friends after a few drinks. Classic American Oi! release!

1 The Four Of Us
2 Go Where The Kids Go
3 Cries Of A Nation
4 No Rhyme No Reason
5 The Answer
6 Going Strong
7 What We're Saying
8 In No Time Nor Place
9 Another Face In The Crowd
10 Where There's A Voice
11 Sullivan's Wake
12 For All The Hardship And All The Struggle
13 Decadence And The Grave
14 Small Town
15 Down For The Count
16 Stop The War

Pressing Information

TKO Round 85