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BISHOPS GREEN "A Chance to Change" LP/CD

BISHOPS GREEN are one of the top acts in punk rock right now. That's a fact- no matter where you are. They're hard, uptempo, catchy, and smart. WIth "A Chance to Change" the band's 3rd 12" release, you get more great tunes that will monopolize your turntable more than anything since their last record. Bishops Green rules, ok?

A Side
1. Lost Generation
2. Specter
3. We Got Nothing
4. Resistance
5. Government Lies
6. Dead And Gone

B Side
1. Caged
2. Defiance
3. Invisible
4. Can't Walk Away
5. Soldier

Pressing Information

100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
1000pcs. - 12" Silver and White AsideBside Vinyl (Rebellion Version)
100pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear Vinyl (Rebellion Mailorder Version)
150pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear w/ Black, Silver, & White Splatter Vinyl (PPR Mailorder)
1000pcs. - 12" Grey Vinyl (Rev Version)
650pcs. - 12" Grey w/ White & Black Splatter (Band Version)