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Hounds & Harlots/Emscherkurve 77 12" Super Sounds Single

Hot ticket item from Sunny Bastards Records-- Hounds & Harlots (SF,IA- USA) and Emscherkurve 77 (Oberhausen- DE) team up on this 12" single that was released for the bands' tour across Europe together in 2013. HH offer hard-hitting, yet melodic brand of street punk with energetic live shows that few 3-piece bands could match. EK77 bring their uptempo brand of football-fueled street punk that fans across Germany have been singing along with for years!

Side A:

1. Bei uns im Revier (Emscherkurve 77)

2. Hör gar nicht hin (Emscherkurve 77)

Side AA:

1. Fight til the end (Hounds & Harlots)

2.Say to you (Hounds & Harlots)

Pressing Information

250 Black
250 Color