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"Chaos in Catalonia Vol. 1" LP V/A featuring PennyCocks, Secret Army, Gundown….

Our love of the Iberian peninsula is well documented across this website, so we're excited to be able to offer "Chaos in Catalonia Vol. 1" from our good friends at Common People Records!
A veritable "who's who" of that dynamic eastern Spanish state known as Catalonia. Featuring Penny Cocks, the Gundown, Secret Army and more. If you love a good comp-- this is a must have!


1.Secret Army "Those who make a difference" 03:05
2.Von Dänikens "El Potro se desboca"
3.Acero Condal "Som Catalans" 04:13
4.The Gundown "By the Sea" 02:38
5.Crim "Perquè som joves"
6.The Bite "TV Personality" 02:05
7.PennyCocks "It's true"
8.Von Dänikens "Caso perdido" 03:41
9.Secret Army "Last days"
10.The Bite "Concrete Jungle"
11.PennyCocks "It's my life" 02:13
12.The Gundown "Dead Plans"
13.Crim "Pare Nostre" 03:21
14.Von Dänikens "The Great Neohippie Swindle"
15.Acero Condal "13 Rotten Crew"