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The Corps "Bottle of Rock'n'Roll" 10" PICTURE DISC

Here's the description borrowed from BlackHole's website-- because I'm in a rush and couldn't possibly say it better:

Originally released in 2010, the sixth release by these Australian heavy-weights sees it’s American debut in 10-inch picture disc format as a co-release by Black Hole and Longshot Music.

Founded in 2004, Sydney based 5-piece band The Corps play original
hard-edged rock & roll. From the influences of bands like Motorhead
and Rose Tattoo comes a hard heavy sound that mixes rock, hardcore,
and Oi!/streetpunk.
There have been a few line-up changes over the years, but the band
continues to pound out hard as nails Oi!-influenced pub rock with a
line-up that has never been better. Thru their intensive touring, The
Corps have spread their tunes across the globe. In the pursuit of the
Aussie tradition of no-bullshit rock & roll, the band has created a
growing following both locally & abroad touring Australia and Europe,
and have now set their sights on the USA.

Side A
1. All My Money
2. Snake Eyes
Side B
1. I Am Death
2. Bottle Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
3. Ain’t Enough