Old Firm Casuals "Born Criminal" 7"

This is a must have, and our relationship with OFC is well documented, so we'll let Mark Rainey's (TKO Records) words describe this for you:

To celebrate 15 years of the TKO RECORDS label, we’ve decided to return to our roots by releasing a 7” EP by and up-and-coming San Francisco Streetpunk band. OLD FIRM CASUALS features Casey Watson (LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, NEVER HEALED), Paul Rivas (NEVER HEALED) and Lars Frederiksen (RANCID, LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS). OFC plays raw, striped- down Street Rock n’Roll reminiscent of the mid-90s Bay Area Streetpunk sound that TKO put on the map.

Side A: 1. Born Criminal

Side B: 1. Skinhead 2. Gag Order

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