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V/A: RED, WHITE, AND BLUE. 4 bands, 2x7"

Gatefold packaged double 45's featuring 2 U.S. bands and 2 U.K. Bands on this great release from Pirates Press Records.

Harrington Saints- Slogans on the Wall
Old Firm Casuals- DMDP

Argy Bargy- No Good Reason
Booze & Glory- Maybe

Some Argy Bargy:

Pressing Information

1st Pressing:
100 pcs RED VINYL (Sold Out)
100 pcs WHITE VINYL (Sold Out)
100 pcs BLUE VINYL (Sold Out)
200 pcs STARS & STRIPES VINYL (Sold Out)
400 pcs BLACK VINYL (Sold Out)

2nd Pressing:
500 pcs. BEER VINYL
500 pcs. ULTRA CLEAR With Red, White, Blue & Gold Splatter VINYL