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Perkele "Punk Rock Army" 7" OTB#7

OTB#7 Perkele Punk Rock Army. Random colored vinyl. Second edition with updated jacket and new vinyl colors. Only ~482~ pressed.

Instant MP3 download of entire EP included after payment... listen now while waiting for the vinyl to arrive in the mailbox!

Pressing Information

2nd edition. 482 pressed (200 green, 200 purple marble, 82 grey-blue.)
What they are saying:

Maximum Rock N Roll
PERKELE-"Punk Rock Army" EP- "Man. I love this band, so I'm a bit biased for sure, but I'll try to be as impartial as possible here... To kick off the A side of this new 7" from Sweden's top street-punk band you get the soon-to-be anthem "Punk Rock Army" After you get past the slightly unnecessary epic intro there is a great MOTORHEAD-esque riff that leads into a killer song that sounds like it could have been on the seminal 'Fuck the 90s, This Is Our Noise album my OXYMORON!! This is not exactly what I expected from PERKELE, but it is fucking great!! The first song on the B-Side is a little more along the lines of your standard PERKELE song with guitar hooks and catchy gang vocal choruses that you will want to sing along to while pumping your fist in the air. But the real gem on the B-side is an acoustic, country version of the ultra-classic PERKELE song "Heart Full of Pride" that you could almost imagine JOHNNY CASH singing. If you area a PERKELE fan at all, you will want this 7" for this last song alone!! (ML) (Oi! the Boat)


Punk Rock Army: 7"
This three-song record came out as an appetizer to the new Perkele full-length and it’s another fine release from this popular Swedish streetpunk band. Fans will especially dig the corny, but awesome acoustic version of the old Perkele staple, “Heart Full of Pride,” exclusive to this 7” only. It was pointed out to me not long ago that skins like some of the wimpiest music imaginable. No one would disagree with that fact, but the detractors with their noses in the air are missing out on some of the catchiest, most lovable bands around. Pride is lame, unless it’s taking pride in adoring seemingly asinine music. How asinine is it, then?
–Art Ettinger (Oi! The Boat,