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Last Resort / OLD FIRM CASUALS DOUBLE 7" 2nd pressing OTB#11

The pressing plant had some leftover labels, we had some leftover covers, and we had some bands in need of merch-- so we ran off an additional 330 copies of this release in May. Now available for your ordering pleasure while supplies last!!

Black & Black Vinyl (2 7"s at 45 rpm for your listening pleasure)

THE LAST RESORT and THE OLD FIRM CASUALS together in one sleeve! 4 sides of the best yet from both!

Pressing info:
330 copies black.


Pressing Information

What they are saying:

"...(The Old Firm Casuals) is an earnest, well developed oi project that doesn’t seem at all out of place paired up with the legends that are Last Resort. An essential 21st Century oi release if ever there was one, this is a perfect mash up of the new and the old. Plus, if one kid gets into Last Resort through this record, a vital community service has been achieved."

Oi! Oi! Music-
"...'Lest We Forget' sounds as a typical Resort song, if all their new songs sound like this i'd be very happy if they record a third full-length!
The San Francisco boys from OFC do a brilliant job on their EP. Two new songs and probably their best stuff so far if you ask me. " 4.5 of 5 stars each.