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OTB: like I said; machine. (OMR interview, part duex)

Mike: We’ve all got great chemistry though and it works really well. Jeff does the smart lyrics; I do the dumber, knuckle dragging ones. HAHA! We all give input on everything though.

OTB:  We need both! The lyrics on your debut EP look like they are written by a band that has bit of interest in history and themes that seem to repeat themselves throughout history.  I've read a bit about some of those mentioned in "Spear of Destiny" after finding them among my ancestors while researching my own family history.  How did you become interested in this facet of history?

Jeff: Mike wrote Nation of Hate, which is brilliant, and I wrote the other two. I'm a bit of a history nerd, so writing about that stuff is fun to me. Those lyrics are a lot shorter now as we had to crunch to fit the structure of the song. I also have an interest in spirituality and thoughts associated with that, which is where We Are Legion was born. 

OTB:  Any plans for future releases?

Mike:  We’re split up all over the country so it makes it tough to sync up schedules sometimes. We’re gonna be at this for a long time to come though.  

Lars: We are gonna try and record a ton when we can.  We wanna put out a lot of music.  Make no mistake, this is not a side project- It’s a real band!

Dave: We plan on many future releases, in fact recording again in July!!

OTB:  Good to hear!  What's on the radar for live appearances or touring in OMR’s future?  Where would you most like to play?

Dave:  We do plan on playing shows, but not for a while.  

Lars Once we get enough songs to do a live set, we will play some shows.  So, to answer the question- we have nothing booked as of now.  We will let people know when it happens.  You can count on it. 

Dave:  There has been talk about going to Europe someday and hitting different spots in the states.  It's hard to tell how it will pan out.  We all have families and full time jobs that make things a little difficult, but not impossible.Mike: Mike: ...we’re gonna play everywhere that will have us. Touring might be tough, but one off shows are definitely going to be a go!

OTB: Everyone here started playing punk and Oi! music in their teens or early 20s. You've gathered more life experience since the time you started your first band than you had prior. Surely, something has been learned since then. Based on that, what sort of advice would you give teenage you, or a kid coming up?

Lars:  Pay no mind to critics.  Do what you wanna do, follow you’re heart and most importantly: Fuck em all!

Dave: I would say to teenage kids, always do your best, no matter what it is.  Live positively and positive things will happen.  Stay outta the mess that got all of us in trouble when we were young.  We were lucky to make it out alive with some of our experiences, kids these days may not be so lucky. Make sure to take care of your family and friends and enjoy the ride!!

Thanks OXLEY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS,  Max, Diana and I are excited to be part of your debut release and looking forward to next weeks preorder of your EP here at Oi! the Boat and at Randale Records!  Talk to you soon!

-Joe E. Theboat, Co-Cappytain / Oi! the Boat

Posted on May 2nd, 2014