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Updates from OTB HQ:

There's been a lot going on here at Oi! the Boat lately.  As summer wears on, we've just released the debut EP "Chicago Brick Crew" by BRICK ASSASSIN

getcha some

We've had them down to the OTBHQ for a show and have been able to catch them live a couple times- I recommend trying to catch them live and grabbing a copy of the EP from us.  You won't be disappointed.

Last month, we helped sponsor the "Fuck You- We Rule, OK?" fest in Tulsa Oklahoma.  We now need a sponsor.  3 days with bands like VICTORY, BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, ASSAULT&BATTERY, THE SHAME, BAD ENGRISH, SNIPER 66, DOG CO., CONCRETE, and BLACK ACTRESS to name a few, made for a wholesome weekend for all, as evidenced in this still snapped that weekend, featuring OTBHQ Co-Captain Max with some pals from CONCRETE and VICTORY.  Glad we made it out!

So whats next at Oi! the Boat? Well we don't want to spill too many beans, but you should be seeing the debut EP from Miami's DIE TRYING released on Oi! the Boat in the coming weeks. You can be sure that you'll see more from VICTORY in the near future and the 3rd installment of our VOi!CE of America 7" series is about ready to head to the pressing plant. I'll spill the beans on what bands make an appearance- Of course, VICTORY was a shoe in, and they're right there with a new hard-hitting midwest oi anthem that will surely inspire some sort of printed shirt or spawn some new festival bearing the title of their song. Milwaukee's ASSAULT & BATTERY impressed us when we saw them back in December at a bar in their hometown... and again in April at the BEER CITY BENDER and their demo made its way into my daily playlist. They are in. While we are hanging here in the midwest with St. Paul's VICTORY and Milwaukee's ASSAULT & BATTERY, why not pop over to beautiful DETROIT and add the BAD ASSETS to the mix!

this fall

You'll notice that we are moving toward the east with each band on this EP- but don't be fooled! We quickly do an about face and head back west- THE BRASS TACKS are BACK with a brand new track- and holy shit it is GREAT! There's just too much going on in the midwest! Not only do we have these 4 incredible Oi!/streetpunk bands, but we had a large handful of midwest bands that also could have made a solid contribution to represent our corner of the country. Here's a sneak peek at VOA3's cover on the left...This should be out in the fall and then it's on to vol.4 to complete the map!

Don't get too excited- still have a couple months to wait on getting it pressed! It is really not a bad time to call "fly over country" home, to say the least. This year's FYWROK and BEER CITY BENDER and all the band's and other punks and skins in attendance made it clear that all is alive and well here.  The lack of posing and bickering leaves a lot of space to have a laugh and a say.   Speaking of that, VICTORY are taking the midwest unrest to the road. They'll be stopping through to play a show in the place we call home (Foam City / Oi the Boat HQ in Lafayette, Indiana) in 1 week. ASSAULT & BATTERY will be along for the ride and THE GESTALTS will be playing and slinging copies of their new Randale Records release (Bloodshot Eyes EP). When I say "they", I mean "we". If you didn't know, THE GESTALTS are a punk band in which all the instruments with strings are played by the entire "staff" of Oi! the Boat Records.  Naturally, we have some of the records for sale here at Oi! the Boat.  NOI!SE crooner-bassist MATT HENSON's presence graces the second verse of the GESTALTS sing-a-long "Made to Pay", as you can hear, HERE .
Well that is it for this installment of the update from OTB HQ.  Make sure to catch VICTORY when they roll through your town on their upcoming tour.  Did I mention we just added a new band to the fold over the weekend?  So fucking good.  We can't wait to tell you more.


Co-Captain Joe E. Theboat

Joe E. Theboat, Co-Captain
Oi! the Boat Records

VICTORY's upcoming schedule:

Posted on August 13th, 2013