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4. Hooligan

Dublin, Ireland.

Hooligan "Criminal Damage"


Sophomore offering from Dublin's punk rock stalwarts, HOOLIGAN. Four tracks of the classic punk rock sound that you'd expect from these veterans of the scene. It bites like an Upstarts record from the opening guitar line and that probably has more than a little to do with the line-up of musicians on this record. Backing him up on this release, HOOLIGAN frontman guitar/vox David Linehan has Tony Van Frater (Cockney Rejects) on bass/guitar, with Decca Wade and Nick Buck (original and latter Angelic Upstarts) splitting drum duties. Produced by Mond Crowie (Angelic Upstarts) and Decca Wade. These are four songs that are built on a solid framework of punk rock longevity and to quote Mr. Linehan, "The result sounds class." Yes it does!

Hooligan 'No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs' ep

2012 · OTB#18

December 2012