Brassknuckle Boys

BKB sits close to our heart here at Oi! the Boat- Oi! the Boat Records first release was a reissue of this bands earliest material- from the time when Oi! the Boat's founder was playing guitar for the original line up of the Brassknuckle Boys!

the Brassknuckle Boys stormed on to the american punk scene back in 1998 and have since become internationally infamous as an iconic, intelligent but tough-as-nails punk band firmly in the grasp of street rock n roll fans worldwide while maintaining their own unique sound that is dripping with Americana. The lyrical integrity and introspection dished out by the Brassknuckle Boys is a rarity and will stop you cold in your tracks...

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Brassknuckle Boys "Songs About Fighting"

2007 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#1

OTB#1 Brassknuckle Boys - “Songs About Fighting”
OTB released this on MP3 (Captain Joe was in this band in the early days). We remastered, designed the layout and licensed this 99 recording of BKB to Bandworm records in Germany, who pressed it on limited edition 12”. Also available as mp3.