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The Old Firm Casuals

The Old Firm Casuals are a 3 piece American street punk band from the San Francisco bay area. They feature some tenured members of the punk rock community who need no introduction. Their songs are hard-hitting, straight up, and stand against any street punk and Oi! thats come out this century.

Upcoming Shows:

The Old Firm Casuals "Perry Boys"

July 4, 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records US / Randale Records DE · OTB#34

"Perry Boys" b/w "Watford Tuxedo". 2 song 45 RPM 7" limited to 500 total copies leading up to the Old Firm Casuals long awaited and heavily anticipated proper debut LP "This Means War"
250 White cover art copies on black vinyl at Oi! the Boat
250 Black cover art copies on black vinyl at Randale Records

The Old Firm Casuals "This Means War" LP (12"/CD)

July 29, 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records U.S., Randale Records DE · OTB#37 / RAN202

The long awaited and highly anticipated debut LP from THE OLD FIRM CASUALS! Vinyl available from Oi! the Boat in the USA with the Wolf cover and in Germany from Randale with the Cobra cover. CD version with Wolf cover only from Oi! the Boat and Randale.

The Old Firm Casuals - Army Of One 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#14

OTB#14 in December

OTB#22 The Old Firm Casuals "For the Love of It All..." DoubleLP / CD

April 27, 2013 · Oi! the Boat / Randale · OTB#22

24 tracks of brilliance!

The Old Firm Casuals S/T 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#9

First pressing of just over 1900 copies sold out (100 yellow, 150 blue/black, rest black). Second pressing different cover, colors, tbd.