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Duffy's Cut

The cock of the walk from Philadelphia. If you've got a bit of soul in your step and deliver a beating to a beat, then this is the band for out.



DUFFY'S CUT- 12" and CD
Oi! the Boat is proud to introduce Philadelphia's DUFFY'S CUT. As soon as we heard Duffy's Cut's demo, we were hooked. The sound is British invasion and Motown with broken glass and baseball bats. It sounds like what I imagine would have happened if the hard mods and skinheads of the late 60s would have stepped off the dance floor and on to the stage. If the Small Faces had big boots, they may have sounded this way. In case my description is shit: Duffy's Cut sounds like a band of punks and skins who's record collection is as broad as it is deep. They manage to wear their American soul, Brit invasion, punk and Oi! influences on their sleeve while, somehow, creating a sound that is as unique as it is infectious. As a bit of trivia, you might recognize some of DUFFY'S CUT from their previous bands (The Boils, Super Hi-Five, Bad Idea, Cranked Up! and Violent Society).